There should be no confusion, terrorists are definitely cowards.  The government doesn't seem to want to stir the political waters, but reaffirmation needs to happen and some of us Americans are up to the task.  We aren't afraid to classify these cowards.

Everytime the word 'Terrorist'  or 'Terrorists' is used in news reports (whether in print, on the radio or on the web), the word 'Cowards' should be attached.  Why are we so afraid of calling them what they are?  Are we afraid to make them mad?  They are already mad.  Are we afraid they will hurt someone?  They already do.  Are we afraid they will have a low self image.  Again, they already do.  THEY ARE COWARDS.   

Anyone who violently hurts or kills innocent human beings is a Coward.  Their reasons are not material.  A bad childhood, growing up in poverty in a third world country, being led astray by fanatical lunatics for some cause or another, the reasons are many but they all lead to the same conclusion.  TERRIORISTS ARE COWARDS.  
Terrorism is often linked to religious fanaticism.  Certainly the terrorism that has been perpetrated upon the citizens of the U.S. in the past 20 years has been linked to religious fanatics, namely Muslims.  Recent history supports the idea that "All Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims."  Terrorism throughout the world is heavily influenced by Islamic Fanatics.  Certainly, no one on this earth could be stupid enough to believe in the reward of heavenly life with 72 virgins for carrying a suicide bomb strapped to one's torso into a crowded market or driving a vehicle full of explosives up to a police station.  Anyone believing this simply must be a DIPSTICK.  What a rude awakening they will have when they arrive in spirit prison with all the rest of the cowardly idiots.    The Islamic Religion is impotent to police these extremist, either because they don't want to or because they support their platforms.  Muslims certainly are not alone in the terror arena.  Listen to NPR for a few hours and the terrorists groups fall out one after the other.  They too are freakin' COWARDS..  In their minds, their cause is just, but when it comes down to the basic elements, they are undeniably low-life, miserable COWARDS.       

Some in the liberal media and elsewhere claim it takes bravery and brilliance to pull off terrorist activities.  They say it takes dedication and courage to kill oneself 'for the cause'.  Whatever it takes,  one still must be a freakin' COWARD to kill innocent, non-combative human beings.  The sky is blue, water is wet, Terrorists are COWARDS.

In my mind, the ultra-cowardly terrorists are those who hide behind a distorted interpretation of 'scripture' to deal out their perverted 'justice'.  I can think of no weaker cowards than those who have their weak minded buddies come over and hold down a beautiful woman while this insecure husband cuts off the nose of his wife because she is leaving him.  He is a Pig and she knows it and wants nothing to do with him.

This is just one of hundreds of examples of cowards who run rampant in our world.    

Just this week the Justice Department announced that the Time Square bomber will spend the rest of his miserable, cowardly life iincarcerated in an American Prison.  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME?  Why hasn't he been executed?  Why pay millions of American tax payer's dollars to keep this unrepentant dipstick alive?  America's justice system is so distorted and confused.  Hopefully, those in prison with him will do what the stupid government won't do.  Shoooo!  A tattoo which reads 'COWARD' emblassoned on his forehead would be a start.
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